Kitayume Aiko (愛子来た夢,Aiko Kitayume ) is a character in Aiko-chan no ano hi. She is one of the students on 1-B. She seems to be a close to her older brother and her friends. 


She is a Shy 12 year old middle school girl who is very caring,and often do her house hold chores. She is very Mature and feminine. She is a Innocent and very quiet type. She might be the shortest and the youngest at her class. She is very Charming.


A Vocaloid derivative character, but notable in that her songs were actually sung by a real person and modified to sound like synthesized vocals, so they were similar in sound to a Vocaloid. Since the artist for Aiko apparently recorded out of her bedroom.

Voice configuration

Aiko's voice came from a human amateur singer who digitally altered her recordings to produce a Vocaloid-like effect. Whatever equipment or programs that were used to produce this effect were never revealed by the singer.

Additional info

She is a 1st grade Student of Akigawa Middle school. 


  • Two Unnamed parents
  • Mato Kitayume: Older Brother
  • Ayame Katagawa:Friend
  • Ran Mizuki: Friend
  • Mitsuru Takanashi: Childhood best friend,later crush
  • Mitsuri Takanashi: Best friend
  • Nero Katagawa: Frienemy
  • Keitaro Yamada: Cousin
  • Miyako Ichinomiya: Deskmate,friend
  • Mei Mochizuki: Classmate,Frienemy
  • Meito Mochizuki: Classmate,Frienemy
  • Nanami Mizuiro: Neighbor,Friend
  • Neito Yamada: Cousin
  • Neiro Inochina: Classmate,childhood best friend,also a neighbor
  • Nei Aizuki: Friend,Neighbor
  • Miyoko-chan: Pet Kitten
  • Neiko Chizuro: Friend
  • All People who studies/works at Akigawa Middle school will ber her friends and such.


She will be a main character of the anime "Aiko-chan no ano hi" When the voicer is older.
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  • Aiko continues to be the most acknowledged Human Vocaloid within the fandom. Her existence inspired others to attempt to create their own Vocaloid personifications. 
  •         If her friends was born on June,April Or May,That means she was born on July.
  •         She always do her homework at the library,but she also shown do her homework at her class.
  •          Aiko’s birthday is on July 12th .
  •          Her birthyear might be on 2001.
  •          Her Favourite Happy Tree friend character is Flippy.
  •          She always come to school early (The school starts at 7 a.m and Aiko always come to school at 6 a.m)
  •        She always says “ore” if she wants to say me,mine,I,or my self.
  •         She always says “omae” if she wants to say you,yours, or yourself.
  •         She never being angry at people.
  •          She never being so harsh or saying harsh words at people.


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