Ai Okinawa(沖縄愛,Okinawa Ai) is a Fanloid based on Hatsune Miku.



Her family name Okinawa comes from the Okinawa Prefecture which she was made to support. Her first name means Love.


Ai's clothing is based off a Blueberry flavored mochi. A short bio that was included in her strap says she had Iriomote Cat named Nobu-kun, and that she is from Okinawa. She is a 2nd grade senior high school student that studies at Shuri High School


Ai Chan no Hanashi

Ai chan no Hanashi/愛ちゃんの話 tells a story about Ai and her friends.


The games are located in Naha,a city in Okinawa.


A mysterious, slightly dandere girl with a brown hair and brown eyes. She is cool, calm and collected. She hides her emotions and is quite blunt. She never says a word. She has an insane, mental, evil spirit inside of her.

  • Special skill: Archery
  • Favorite food: Something healthy and Something sweet.
  • Subject she excels in: History

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