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AIMI means "Love beauty" Aimi is one beautiful she even is loved by all of her fans. But why is she not inlove with her self the truth is that AIMI belives that being inlove with yourself is a waste of  time, and no one will like you because your to invain!!!! (that's a made up i think) 


2nd of all let the beauty explain it...., AIMI has a beautifully fantastic gown (trust me she is a Diva) okay the gown is salmon (the color salmon) and black.. she has bionic stuff at the end of her skirt... and a scarf aroud her arm that is black with some bionics- she has a name tag that say's her name in cursive Aimi in bold letters.. and her hair is beautiful black that is straight and reaches down to her knee..she has a beauty mark on the corner of her eye..speaking of eye she has purple eyes.


AIMI is one fair Diva even though she spends her time in the mirror 1 hour...she can't stop she is so Invain and intreste to her face..she is beautiful but hey..she has no intreste in boys (JUST KIDDING SHE LOVES BOYZ) anway's she is a DIVA!


Well AIMI the Diva is the idea of Miku Hatsune because of her total divaness.. Miku Hatsune was introduced before AIMI was.. she was the idea of Prima to.. they wanted AIMI to be a yanderloid but then thought of her as a Classic vocaloid but no so they made her mix all of that and there you go an AIMI Vocaloid!

Voice configuration

Well the vocaloids have a vocal voice creator so she has a mixture of deep and high pitch bcause she is "18 yrs old" 

Notable media

Well she didn't sing that but she is going to in 2010

- Phantom of Death

-The life of nothing

-World is Mine (by the actual singer Miku Hatsune)

-The Dimonds R Mine

Additional info


Not only she is decepline but she is a FUN WOMAN she is a young adult she can have fun so her besties are Luka,Prima,Rin and Len, Miku,Orange Miku, SeeU and the rest..


See her in Zerochan,MDD


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